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Heal Yourself Booklet and Colour Healing Meditation CD

We have a pack with our "Heal Yourself" booklet and the "Colour Healing Meditation" CD which we can provide by mail order. Click Booklet and CD pack for details.
- To look at the "Heal Yourself" booklet, click Download booklet for reading.
- To print a copy of the "Heal Yourself" booklet, click Download booklet for printing. This version has 12 A4 sheets which fold to produce the pages for the paper A5 booklet. Print double sided (duplex) and staple in the centre fold.

Healing with Colour (Booklet)

Mental Colour Therapy as taught and practiced by Maitreya School of Healing (May 2002)

Lily's Talks - (Audio Cassette or Download: click on a title to play it)

1 - The Practicalities of Mental Colour Therapy (92 mins)

2 - Healing and the Magic of Colour (80 mins)

3 - Colour and Love in Healing (38 mins) / Healing the Children (29 mins) (2 talks)

4 - The Deva Kingdom (34 mins)

The audio cassettes and our booklets are available on request - please email for details.