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Experience Mental Colour Healing for yourself with our "Heal Yourself" pack. It contains a CD with our Colour Healing Guided Meditation and the "Heal Yourself" booklet. You can purchase the pack or play the guided meditation and read or print the booklet from this page.

Colour Healing Guided Meditation

This meditation guides you through the use of mental colour for self healing.

Click to play or download:

Purple blob Colour Healing Meditation


Heal Yourself Booklet

A simple self help guide to understanding and using mental colour healing to help yourself and others (by Maitreya School of Healing, 2011)

Colour Healing Meditation CD

A beautifully presented guided meditation to assist self healing through visualising of colour (by Maitreya School of Healing, 2012)

How to Order

To receive a mail order copy of the "Heal Yourself" booklet and "Colour Healing Meditation" CD, please send your name and address details with cash or a cheque made payable to "Maitreya School of Healing" for £10 (sterling) or the equivalent for overseas destinations to:

"Heal Yourself Pack", 48 Southgate Road, Southgate, Swansea, SA3 2DA, United Kingdom

Heal Yourself Booklet

This booklet has a guide to colours and their healing qualities.

+ Open to read.

For a version formatted to print double-sided as folded A4 pages:

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Denke Dich Gesund (in German)

Die deutsche Übersetzung des 'Heal Yourself' Büchleins kann durch Anklicken hier:

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Man kann das Büchlein ausdrucken. Es gibt 12 A4 Seiten, die zu einem A5 Büchlein gefaltet werden. Es muss beiderseitig (duplex) gedruckt werden und es wird dann in der Mitte geheftet. Anklicken hier:

+ Drucken.