Maitreya School and Healing Centre

Lily and Joseph and The Maitreya School of Healing

The Maitreya School of Healing was founded in 1974 by Lily Cornford and Ronald (Joseph) Leech. The two met at a spiritualist meeting in 1945 and for many years they served in a small group, basing their work on information received from higher levels of consciousness. Gradually the magnetic quality of their work attracted more and more people - people who wanted to help them, to learn from them and to use Mental Colour Therapy in their own healing environments.

Lily Cornford

Lily Cornford was born in East London in 1906, the second of three daughters of a sweet maker. Lily was apprenticed at Bourne and Hollingsworth where she enjoyed the fine, precise work and the elaborate decorations involved in the milliner's trade. During World War II Lily learned to use a comptometer - an early type of computer, which provided the skills to subsequently earn her living. During the war Lily attended a healing group with a trance medium and was inspired by the esoteric writings of Alice A. Bailey. Lily was a hardworking, friendly and sociable lady who loved children and was dedicated to her work. Lily featured in a number of TV documentaries, both in the UK and overseas and enjoyed the highlights of this well into her later years. Her sense of humour and belief in people and their abilities was fundamental to her long stewardship of this nature of work, a quality which is still respected and inspired in those practising colour healing today with the Maitreya School of Healing.

Joseph Leech

Joseph Leech was born in 1911. From an early age, he found he could relieve pain in people by placing his hands over the painful area. He noticed his hands would radiate warmth and he was aware of colour around his hands. During World War II, whilst in the RAF, he met a medium-healer who helped him understand the colours of nature and how they could be used to help and heal people. Joseph was a formal but friendly person who radiated integrity and professionalism and never paraded his knowledge and experience.