Maitreya School and Healing Centre

Some Patients' Accounts

"I have found that colour healing has had a profound influence on my life. I trained as a colour healer with the Maitreya School of Healing and for a short time practiced there. Then I was ill and couldn't continue. What was wonderful was that throughout my illness I received distant healing every time the healing group met and I know it aided my recovery and gave me an immense sense of comfort. I wasn't able to visit the School for some time and I am eternally grateful to all the healers who held me in love during a very difficult time."

(Dorothy Allen)

"Colour Healing has brought tranquillity peace and restful sleep to my life. I am more in tune with nature and colours and the joy they bring."

(David Mercer)

"Colour Healing has impacted in a very positive way helping me deal with life's stresses by bringing a sense of calm in an otherwise turbulent world. Being introduced to colour healing has been a life changing experience and will be with me for life!"

(Anna Kleanthous-Mercer)